Best Penny Stocks to Invest

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According to my opinion  three penny stocks can be considered as best one. They are as follows.

Harris Interactive Poll ( HPOL)

Fundamentals  The company can easily get money through on-line polling by collecting data. Whether the economy of a country is big or small doesn't bother here as traffic on the site is increasing day by day, so there is lot of  chance for getting more revenue and profit in each quarter.

Technical  By taking in to account overall performance of the company through chart, it looks bullish at present level and future level.

Gray Television Inc (GTN) 

Fundamentals  The company is owning more local television station and with it, there is possibility of earning profit. Through ad it is earning more revenue which is an additional the company. This is more than enough for a company to get profit in each quarter, so there is a chance for hike of stock in a market.

Technical   Some volatility has been reported through chart. But in recent time, the price has gone up.

Mesa Air Group Inc (MESA)

Fundamentals  Mesa Air Group Inc is a small and regional airliner. All airline stocks are accessing the market in bullish mode. Last October 2009 MESA has gone down so it is not following yet. But there are more optimistic news about MESA, so there are chance of increasing passenger loads which is the key factor for earning profit which may be of help in tagging along with all the airlines.

But sometimes all may go wrong. This is just my opinion. Penny trading is almost super risky too, so be cautious while investing on a particular stock as anything can happen and no one could be certain of anything.

Value Investing

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The concept of value investing was first originated by legendary investor and Benjamin Graham which was followed by warren Buffet who was also a great value investor till now. According to Warren Buffet value investing is nothing but a real form of investing . Value investing  can be defined as approach to invest were investor purchase the undervalue stock. Regarding long-term growth value investing is considered as the corner stone. It actually deals with investing the amount in a valuable stock. As every body is aware of market fluctuation one must be very cautious of picking up the right ones which is really a hard task as one get bewildered at the moment of picking up the stock . Another one factor that haunts a person while taking decision to invest on a particular stock is that fear. So shed out fear and confusion of selecting the right stock and pick up the stock which has certain criteria.

a. Compare market cap and net current asset and see to that market cap is less than or equal to two-third of current asset.

b. Comparing to sector average, P/E value of stock should be less.

c. PEG must be less than one.

d. Debt -to-equity ratio is less than one.

e. Current P/E  should P/E be less than past P/E.

f. Comparing to industry average Returns On Equity (ROE) should be high.

g. Price- to - book ratio should be less than or equal to one.

h. Current ratio and quick ratio should be more than one.

i. Stock should yield high dividend.

j. Company should show growth in capital.

k. If you are interested in investing in one concern see to that its debt is low in comparison to other concern.

How to Value Stock

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Financial analyst employ various method to value the stock.These method usually involve mathematical formula by which one could get the value of a stock as general impression.Here complex method are also employed. Some use software program to get a accurate value of the stock. This method helps in estimating the precise value of stock which is helpful in earning more profit.. Looking on to the complex process it may  consider stock risk, consume more time, book value, rate of return, dividend-etc.
Basic ABO Model for Valuing Stock
Dividend, book value, time, rate of return,future earning and risk are taken into account in predicting the stock value.
The Risk Proxy EB You'll Model for Valuing Stock
In this method they take proxies and ignore the risk  whereas in other method they take into account the risk. The number of analyst covering a stock, debt to market ratio, variation in estimated earnings, high market capitalization are considered in determining the stock value.
Levered Beta EBO Model for Valuing Stock
This method involve all the criteria involved in the previous method in other word exactly same as of the above said method. In addition to it debt level are taken in to account.
PEG Value Method for Valuing Stock
Among all method so far considered  this method is very simple to follow. Here the ratio of growth rate of stock and ratio of rate per earning are considered in determining the price stock.The company earnings are divided by number of outstanding stocks which gives the earning per share number in turn divided by the current price of a stock were the net  price per earning is obtained.
Forward P/E Value Method for Valuing Stock
This is the popular method followed by the financial analyst .The concept  underlying it is that the P/E value are constant for a stock, so you can easily compare the current P/E with projected P/E .The net result you find from this  will be useful for upcoming years.

Stock Option Valuation

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The process of assigning a dollar value to a stock option is known as Stock Option Valuation. Experts usually asses the value of stock , price of stock and take into account the expenses spent for stock so that the valuation are perfect which are the essential key factor in determining the right stock making a way for right decision as well as paying the way for getting at upper hand.There are various technique employed to value the stock which are done when the company first issue the stock. The common method employed is LIFO whose expansion are Last In First Out which is used to evaluate profits and inventory.

Moving on with Stock Option Valuation you could get easily that the main purpose of Stock Option Valuation lies in assigning accurate dollar value to the stock ,but its a complex process no one have determined correctly so far.As soon as stock are released in the market the stock value are determined by knowing the willingness of the investor to buy the particular stock. Most of them consider the techniques and stock option software as not a fool proof as they seems to be worthy even though they may not be able to get the accurate result.For comparison of stock it seems to be very useful thereby aiding investor in predicting the right choice.

How to Get Penny Stock

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If you are interested to purchase penny stock you must be brilliant enough to tackle the situation you may come across as far as penny stocks are considered.You must adjust with relation to facts or principles underlying penny stock. Before stepping into trade have a research on the best brokerage firm who handles penny stock perfectly. Be very cautious about selecting the brokerage firm as some penny stock brokers have been accused of being fraud and some have been reported of being dishonest in business.see to that the firm does not sell insider information and techniques, if so the only thing you need to do it move on to other firm.If you see broker acknowledging that the penny stocks never gain money then you can have a deal with him as he is in good repute. Brokers sometimes may seduce the customers by saying that more profit can be earned through it, if you come across such type of brokers don't trust them..
The company you choose to must be a currently blooming one and people working in that firm should be an experienced person and it should be a proven business people with excellent skill and service or product.These are the imperative features you need to have in mind while purchasing the penny stock from a company.

Penny Stock

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The companies which are smaller and newer sell the stock at very low rate and that's why the name  penny has been coined to that stock. Penny stock are sold as a means of commencement of business, basic operation and seeking money for expansion. As the name.indicates the amount needed to pay for purchasing a stock is very less sometimes less than five dollars or may be a fraction of cent.If you need to purchase 1000 penny stock it is easy for you to get it with few dollars what has to included additionally is subscription fee and credit card which every body are conscious of, nothing could be possible without this.
But you can not say that it has not met with problem there are case were many issues has been raised and it has been proved extremely risky. Some of the larger firm never accept penny stock. It has been proved that seventy percent of penny stock holder has never gained a profit what they got is only loss which is according to statistical report. But if you think of purchasing penny stock you can easily  purchase it without any hesitation as the amount to be invested is very less and chance of gaining money is not guaranteed one.To augment it penny stock brokers are blamed of being fraud and never been honest in trade. Optimistically speaking you can invest only a few dollars and there are chance of getting more profit in trade by investing a small amount.

Stock Ticker

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The current price of the stock, mutual funds, bonds and shares are displayed in the form of dynamic format through multimedia providing the information which are up to date which constitute Stock Sticker.While you watch television you may note Stock Sticker running at the bottom of the screen by which you can reveal the current financial status of a stock. Many company are using Stock Sticker as a means of promoting their stock and regarding traders it help them in analyzing the financial statement of a concern by this they can pick up the right stock which is the imperative one for surviving in the trade.Many investment program and news program use Stock Stickers which enables the watchers to analyze the status of stock market.
Recent stock market quotes can be easily obtained through it.paying the way for taking right decision which plays a major role as far as trading is concerned where you can pick up the right or else you may loose money.Most of the traders use it as as it is a simplest way and if you take internet it made the trading job very easier and more simpler. Just by using Stock Sticker you can  download software program related to stock and access the information easily. Stock Stickers are of help in picking up the right stock thereby reducing the loss to certain limit.